Figueroa street walkers

L.A. seeks to thwart sex trade on Figueroa

figueroa street walkers
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Walking down Figueroa Street Vlog Prostitution/Hookers everywhere in the Hood.

The " MyFigueroa Streetscape Project " was designed to improve access and safety for walkers, bikers and transit on a four-mile stretch of the roadway., The intersection at 29th and Western, a popular corner for prostitutes.

Walking down Figueroa Street Vlog Prostitution/Hookers everywhere in the Hood . Los Angeles South Figueroa Street Prostitute Prostitution Hooker Hoe Hoes.
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An Improved Stretch Of Figueroa Street Is Officially Open In Downtown LA

A lawsuit and construction delays, in part to relocate utility lines, slowed the work. The improvements will add three miles of bikeway, portions of which are fully protected or buffered, wider sidewalks, high-visibility crosswalks, improved signal timing, landscaping, art and floating transit platforms.
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South LA couple battles ongoing prostitution

Stand on the corner of Marathon Street and Western Avenue, a few miles west of downtown Los Angeles, and you'll see two signs. The former is iconic, a shorthand for strangled ambition as much as wild fame; the latter is the manifestation of an obscure local traffic law. But the story of that traffic sign—the only one of its kind in the country—is as dark and seedy as anything dreamed up by Otto Preminger or Billy Wilder. The northern end of Western Avenue, one of roughly a billion streets in LA's concrete quilt, runs just five miles, from I up to the wrinkled edge of the Hollywood Hills, crossing Koreatown and East Hollywood in between.

Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo said Monday that he had asked a judge to bar 36 convicted prostitutes and five pimps from walking anywhere on a 5. Prostitutes work the sidewalks in broad daylight, standing on routes used by children to travel to and from school, said Det. As pimps seek to protect their turf, prostitution has generated more violent crimes, he said. But this has plagued this neighborhood for years. Delgadillo now relies on 36 separate injunctions to limit gang activity in neighborhoods stretching from Wilmington to the San Fernando Valley. But the Figueroa proposal, which was filed in court Friday, represents the first effort by the city to use such a tactic to target the illegal sex trade.


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