Perfect ex gf


perfect ex gf
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Ronaldo, 33, has been accused of raping Kathryn Mayorga , 34, in a Las Vegas hotel in - Subscribe To Our Newsletter!

Do you feel like your ex-girlfriend was perfect? Was she the only girl for you? The truth may surprise you!.
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In the CW show's fall finale, his class is having their year reunion even though it's been 12 years , so Rebecca's former paramour returns from Atlanta to West Covina. She's understandably nervous about seeing Greg, since not only did she sleep with his dad back in Season 3, but he doesn't know about it. However, when she finally sees him at Home Base, it's almost like he's a completely different person.

Rebecca needs to get laid. She gets a yeast infection. She turns that yeast infection into bacterial vaginosis. She is thwarted. Nothing earth-shattering happens, but the status quo shifts dramatically.


  1. Whitney S. says:

  2. Felicienne C. says:

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is so blithely untethered from reality that it kicked off with its protagonist floating into the air on a giant pretzel.

  3. Apoutcari says:

    When No Woman Compares To Your Perfect Ex-Girlfriend

  4. Demi F. says:

    I know we can still work things out.

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