Ariana grande scandal pics

Ariana Grande

ariana grande scandal pics
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Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian speak out against photographer after predatory nude photo scandal

Update, July 24th, p. EDT: Kim Kardashian West, who has worked with Marcus Hyde frequently in the past, has addressed the allegations against the photographer.

The former Nickelodeon star is among more than celebrities targeted by an anonymous phone hacker who claims to have nude photos of them. Her rep had already denied that the leaked naked pictures were even of her but Ariana Grande clearly felt the need to reiterate the point.
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The singer was thought to be one of many celebs whose images were allegedly leaked in the first round of Hollywood's mass photo hacking scandal. Earlier this month Ariana Grande took to Twitter to confirm that the leaked photos allegedly showing her posing naked were fake after more than celebrities were targeted by an anonymous phone hacker.
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The biggest news of the weekend? The lengthy list of nude photos leaked of celebrities , or at least alleged photos. Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Kate Upton whose reps already commented on this major invasion of privacy have been subjected to this scandal. Or should I say sex crime?



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    100 Dangerously Sexy Photos of Ariana Grande — Proceed With Caution

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    Ariana Grande is the first celebrity to speak out on behalf of models and speak out against photographer after predatory nude photo scandal.

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    Hot damn, Ariana Grande has delivered once again!

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