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Shin Koihime /u2020 Musou - Kakumei ~Ryuuki no Taibou~ 1

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So I recently finished watched Koihime Musou., In the Han dynasty, turmoil, bandits, and civil unrest are plaguing the land.

Her vocabulary isn't the greatest yet she admire her cousin Karin greatly and that is why she decided to support her. She is very caring with all the people around her and she is always ready to try to lift their spirits in the way she only knows. She often say about 'give her best' when she has to do something or about the men under her command when she go to battle.

Guan Yu - Yunchang. Crescent Blade Mastery: Kan'u is the master of the crescent blade, which is her signature weapon according to legend, Guan Yu invented the weapon, which is why it's more commonly called the guandao. Its curved, single-edged blade, combined with its overall heftiness, gives it devastating chopping and slashing power. As a secondary function it can also be effectively used to stab like a spear. Her overall style of combat with her guan dao switches between fluid spear techniques and raw power depending on the occasion.


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