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Entertainment: Nude scene and all, Jerry Hall heads to Sydney in The Graduate

kathleen turner nude the graduate
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The Graduate

Kathleen Turner is doing a nude scene in the West End production of "The Graduate," and that has theater patrons lining up like eager.
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Kathleen Turner nude

The excitement is less easy to understand when you consider the show itself. Although several scenes have been added in an attempt to flesh out the source novel and film for stage purposes, more turns out to be less here. There should be a needy-verging-on-pathetic quality to the predatory, alcoholic Mrs.
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Arriving at the Wilshire Theatre on tour after making a splash in London and New York, the adapted version hard-sells its laughs while sugar-coating and cheapening the story. It seems to gamble that the public remembers only enough about the movie to whet interest in tickets, and closes the sale by presenting celebrity actresses in a much-hyped nude scene. Director Mike Nichols and cinematographer Robert Surtees turned this into a masterpiece of moodiness in which a recent college graduate a zombie-faced, neurotically whimpering Dustin Hoffman responded to the sexual advances of an older, married friend of the family slyly underplayed by Anne Bancroft. In so doing, the young man slipped into the exact behavior he feared and despised. This was a movie of artful camera angles and wordless montages. A sun-washed swimming pool, a bright red Alfa Romeo and caged monkeys provided key bits of symbolism. Very little of this is achievable on stage, which, perhaps, prompted adapter and original director Terry Johnson to over-explain so much of what the movie wisely left unsaid.

New leading lady takes over at top London show. Story No. Source: APTN. SOT Anne Archer, 'Mrs Robinson': "It's a terrific show, it's a wonderful evening of entertainment and the character is really rich and fun and much expanding upon from the film. Mrs Robinson really is a terrific character on stage with really smart dialogue, a really smart mouth and I just loved everything about it and I thought this a great role for me, I should do this.


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    Well-directed play with weak script runs through July 2 at Palo Alto Players

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    A post-'Graduate' sellout - Los Angeles Times

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