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A North Carolina radio producer's dance moves are shaking up the Internet and inspiring other women to cast off their own body shame.
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Dancing in a Body-Positive Strip Show Taught Me How to be Fat and Sexy

Jump to navigation. And for Delhi-based independent graphic designer and content writer, Ragini Letitia Singh, dancing is nothing short of an emotion--an emotion that allows her to be herself sans any inhibitions. In a recent blog titled Musings of a Fat Dancer, penned by Singh, she writes how being overweight hasn't in any way deterred her love and passion for dancing and why she is no mood to give up.

'Fat Girl Dancing' Videos Aim to Dispel Women's Body Shame

Join the Dances with Fat Newsletter List. My goal is and has always been to let as many people as possible know about the options of Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size. I believe that basic human respect is for people of all sizes.

On December 14 of last year, I showed a room of around people my tits. And my ass. And I shook my bulbous belly for them to feast their eyes on. I am not a woman most people look at and think, she could be a stripper.

Plus-size women are either rendered irrelevant or the butt of the joke. My mind immediately went to the latter. Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Kaitlin Reilly. Tom Ford's new film, Nocturnal Animals, features an opening scene that some are calling body-shaming. But who is to blame for the shaming — the film itself, or the viewer?


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