Another nine 1 2 weeks movie

Another Nine & a Half Weeks

another nine 1 2 weeks movie
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Yet its sequel is a decidedly low-budget affair. The only returning cast member is a pudgy, lethargic Mickey Rourke, whose Brando-with-brain-damage routine has not aged well over the last decade. At the film's outset, Kim Basinger's character has met with some sort of mysterious accident, prompting Rourke to travel to Paris and take up with her best friend, a brilliant fashion designer played by pneumatic ex-model Angie Everhart. The two begin a torrid affair, which includes wildly orgasmic sex in which both partners are not only standing up but fully clothed; taboo-shattering lesbian sex; crazy, beatnik-style parties wherein sexual deviants leer at a naked woman on a spinning wheel being covered in hot wax; sex on a bed covered with rose petals; and many other mildly kinky sex acts that you'll remember from the original film. As a matter of fact, pretty much everything in the original film is recycled, and what was new and interesting in looks pretty dated in

John flies over to Paris to find out his girlfriend Elizabeth. He finds a mysterious fashion designer named Lea and her assistant Claire, and it turns out that Lea was Elizabeth's friend in Paris. Lea says to John that Elizabeth married and moved away. The passion starts to appear between John and Lea, when Lea's business partner Vittorio tells John another version of Elizabeth's fate. Stephen W. Parsons Francis Haines.


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