Hairy sims 4

Is body hair still a possibility?

hairy sims 4
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Sims 4 : Little StepSister Gives Brother Blowjob

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This week in games: Sims 4 for free, a Just Cause film, and Frostbite’s hairy tech demo

Exterior, day. We see a manufacturing unit or one thing. A helicopter flies straight into it and explodes.
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This week in games: Sims 4 for free, a Just Cause film, and Frostbite's hairy tech demo

Tags : bodyhair , body , hair , overlay , hairy. Sign in Mod The Sims.

Pet Traits are unique and, though less numerous than a human Sim's Traits possibilities, will fully set your pet's behavior. Proper trait setting is important since you can never fully control your pets beyond simple training. Pet traits also lead to special commands your pets will have to differentiate them from others. As with human Sims, special interactions marked with small symbols of the trait.

Exterior, day. We see a factory or something.


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    The Sims Forums.

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    Sims 4 Sims 4 bodyhair self.

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    Natural Hairy Look - The Sims 4 Catalog

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