Lake billy chinook water conditions

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lake billy chinook water conditions
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Precautionary seasonal recreational use health advisory in effect for Lake Billy Chinook

Since cyanobacterial blooms can come and go throughout the season on Lake Billy Chinook, the following precautionary seasonal advisory has been issued. The advisory will remain in effect through Nov. In the past, OHA would issue and lift advisories on the lake as data were made available.

Fish passage was discontinued in the late s due to ineffective downstream passage. As part of the current re-licensing process, Portland General Electric is attempting to re-establish fish passage at Round Butte Dam.
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Enter place, zip code or ICAO. - Lake Billy Chinook Houseboats.

Visitors at Lake Billy Chinook may notice that the lake level has gone down since this fall. Boaters will easily see the waterline is a couple of feet lower than it was. Some years it is necessary to lower it further like in the spring of to catch above average snow melt.



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