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hot stories erotic
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The following short erotic story explores a lust between colleagues that is much sexier than just an office crush.
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The past decade has seen a boom in women turning to the page to detail sexy stories that would very likely make even Christian Grey blush.
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Here are some clothes that you can try: [1] Silk cocktail dresses A bold red dress Leather pants Dark-wash, high waisted jeans Fishnet tights A fur coat. Wear a signature scent. Femme Fatales typically have a signature scent, so you need to find the one that suits you the best. Try something like sandalwood or lavender that will make men remember you everywhere you go. Have seductive hair.


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    Fire Escape - Red Hot Erotic Fiction

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    Into erotica? This free erotic story is a work of pure fiction, but is sexy as hell. Read A Fresh Start right here.

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