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naija bad girl
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Bad Girls In Naija 路 December 31, 路. *** WHAT A SAD STORY ***..A MUST READ I want to really thank you so much Love and. Relationship ZONE, for.
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Naija Bad Girl

Bad Boy Bad Girl

Controversy sells and true, controversial singer/rapper Maheeda hangs on to it for dear life as she releases her highly anticipated 'Naija bad.
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A lot has been said about Naija Bad Girl , Maheeda , orCaroline Sam, but the self-confessed one time pr0stitute turned born again Christian turned bad girl is not deterred with whatever anyone says about her as she is not ready to change her bad habits, no matter the condemnation. The controversial mother of 1 who has been bombarding the Internet with her nud. She believes that as long as woman has her uses her private part to make a living, there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever, frowning at those who think anything is wrong in it.

Wearing skimpy clothing, if you are constantly wearing skimpy clothes you are a bad girl in a typical Nigerian mind. When a girl loves makeup and always want her face to be on fleek then she is a bad girl or a prostitute because it is believed she uses her face to sell her market I wonder who came up with that. Drinking alcohol, it is believed that women should not drink anything other than soft drinks so once a lady drinks alcohol she is bad. A girl having a lot of expensive stuff means she is a prostitute and they are sleeping around to get those expensive things, they ignore the fact that a girl can do legitimate work and buy expensive things for herself without sleeping around. In Nigeria, it is believed that you have to stick to only your own gender as friends so once a girl is constantly been seen with guys automatically she is sleeping with them even if they are friends. When a girl dates more that one guy within a year she is officially labelled an ashewo, they forget about moving on and finding love. Share this post with your Friends on.

Controversial singer cum rapper, Maheeda, has released her highly anticipated video, Naija Bad Girl, which had brought her criticisms after she released the behind-the-scene raunchy pictures of the video shoot. Following the pictures earlier circulated, Maheeda was said to be completely nude in some scenes in the video. Nudity, however, may not be the only issue she has to contend with in the work. Already, those who have watched the video are alleging she is a lame rapper.


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