How to cancel oovoo account

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how to cancel oovoo account

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While ooVoo does not allow users to delete their accounts, you can hide your profile from other ooVoo users by editing your account settings and removing personal information from your profile. Log in to your account and tap the triple-bar icon to open the app's main menu.
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How To Close an ooVoo Account When Someone Dies

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How to Delete ooVoo Account

Well, I am sorry to say you cannot do so. Sounds bizarre right?

How To Delete OoVoo Account – Step by Step Guide

OoVoo is a free voice over IP software that enables you to make free video calls from computer to computer. Even if one user does not have ooVoo, video chats can still be made from your Internet browser on the ooVoo website. If you decide that you no longer want to use your ooVoo account, you will not be able to permanently delete your account, but you can deactivate the account. The account will remain in the ooVoo system and can be reactivated later, but your account will not be listed in search records and you will not receive notifications.

A video chat app for iPhone, OoVoo integrates with Facebook chat so you can talk with multiple Facebook friends at once. You can use a combination of video and text chat and can converse simultaneously with as many as 12 of your friends. Contact integration: OoVoo allows you to find contacts through Facebook, Twitter, your email account, your phone's contacts, and by directly searching for friends who have an OoVoo account.


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