Amtrak mooning pictures

[UPDATE: Photos!] Asses Will Be On Display At Annual Amtrak Mooning Event Tomorrow in Laguna Niguel

amtrak mooning pictures
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'Mooning Amtrak' event shut down after crowd of 8,000 reveals too much

Mooning of the Amtrak Official Picture Site

People from around the world will line up parallel to the Amtrak rail lines on Camino Capistrano Road Saturday to moon the passing trains. The OC Register 's Kyle Daly reports that the tradition started 32 years ago at Mugs Away Saloon when a man offered to buy a round of beer for anyone who dared air their derriere toward the nearby train. Several people took up his offer and then reminded him of it the next year.
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Miscellaneous Pictures from Past Mooning of the Amtraks. These are s of photos we had that may or may not have made it into the photo albums over the years.

Californians bare bottoms for passing trains

The annual "Mooning Amtrak" celebration in the California town of Laguna Niguel was shut down for the first time in its 29 year history after complaints that participants were showing more than their behinds and drinking heavily. Jim Amormino, a police spokesman, said officials deemed the event out of control after some mooners began taking all their clothes off and women started lifting up their T-shirts to flash passing trains. About 50 police officers were called in to disperse the crowd, which left peacefully. The tradition is said to stem from a pub dare in when a drinker at the nearby Mugs Away Saloon promised his friends drinks if they went out to the railway line and mooned the next passing train. Many rose to the challenge and the mass moon became a regular event, complete with a website, moonamtrak. Held on the second Saturday in July, the event has attracted a growing number of participants over recent years.

Pacific Surfliner passengers receive a special view on the east side in Laguna Niguel, Saturday. The Dineen family of Laguna Hills, from right, Linda, Don, holding their Yorkie, Roxy, and hidden is daughter Kaia, 10, show their bums and wave to a passing southbound Pacific Surfliner. Everyone from grandmothers, bikers, housewives, and even couples on dates came out for the daylong mooning along the tracks, just across the street from Mugs Away Saloon. But it was all worth it. In , deputies turned away an estimated crowd of 8, to 10, after they witnessed sex acts and complete nudity. The shutting down of the event was the first in its 30 year history.


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