Gay men snogging

Not Gay: Why Straight British Men Are Really Into Making Out With Each Other

gay men snogging

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Gay Men Kissing: How to Make Out with a Guy Ultimate Guide!

How to give the hottest gay kiss and make out with a man like a total pro! Get your guy worked up with our gay kissing guide. Expert tips for gay men. Poll!.
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Jordan Fletcher had never thought about kissing a guy before. But there he was at just another high school kegger in San Diego, California, standing face-to-face with an equally intoxicated childhood buddy. Other partygoers egging him to pucker up. And 37 percent of them made out.

The one feature of a gay kiss that separates it from other types of romantic acts is the experience involves two men. As a result, gay kissing tend to be more intense. But when done wrong, it can ruin the possibility of future encounters. We created this guide on gay kissing to help you learn the basics of locking lips. For example, if you are kissing a man with a beard, your approaching might be different than someone with a smooth face. And if the guy is taller than you, the way you approach the lip lock may be different than someone who is shorter.


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