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fuck cash money

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Public Agent Sexy British Asian fucks for strangers cash. - I eat, sleep, shit, and talk snaps; so fuck rap Man I got weed, pills, pistols, all crack Bitch niggas where ya hearts at?

The New Orleans rapper let it be known he has no love for his boss and record label by sporting a hat with "Fuck Cash Money" on it. This is far.
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The thing is, I think that if you want more freedom in your life, this is a really important concept you need to learn about. - Yeah, hard body hard body Carter, carter Carter yeah Lets go Cash Money Young Money mother fuck the other side They can fuck with us if they want I bring 'em homicide Word to my momma I'm gonna continue bombin' Til they gettin' out the game, it's like comin' out of a coma I'm tryin', but I'm normal when this rap shit get borin' All I ask is that you pray for me Please And the beat, keep cryin' and I'm a keep beatin' her Fee I'm fuckin' her I'm deep in her sleep in her And what happens when the reaper come huh?

Style Back Original Mix. Hell Yeah Extended Mix. Lasagne Original Mix. Habstrakt , Bellecour. Tokyo Machine. Warp 1.



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