Cleaning house in lingerie

Lingerie-Clad Cleaning Service, Dirty Business, Opens In Saskatoon

cleaning house in lingerie
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There are plenty of services available to help you clean your house, but this cleaning service offers a reason for the homeowner to stay and watch. - Cleaning houses is a Dirty Business for Emily Kempin.

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Exotic dancer starts lingerie house-cleaning biz

That Time I Tried Topless House Cleaning

An exotic dancer from Saskatoon has taken the naughty French maid outfit to the next level with her new business — cleaning homes in her lingerie. Her main customers are and something men, she said, and adds women are lining up to work for her. Those "awesome females" Kempin employs are current or retired exotic dancers looking for an alternative career path.

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    Exotic dancer starts lingerie house-cleaning biz | The London Free Press

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    Exotic dancer starts lingerie house-cleaning biz | Toronto Sun

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