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We're the Millers

were the millers watch free

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We're The Millers

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Sudeikis plays Dave Clark, a low-level dope dealer who appears to have successfully bypassed growing up by perpetually portraying like a college kid. Their primary dispute, therefore, is figuring out just who, in our polarized, homogenized, thoroughly bewildered heritage, the squares might be. Married white persons with young kids? That appears reasonable, but furthermore possibly a little very wide, so the video resolves on the demographic subcategory of wed white persons with young kids and recreational vehicles. In the course of a mission to transport a couple of tons of illegal marijuana from Mexico to Denver, these four become the very thing they are mocking. David Clark Jason Sudeikis , a shaggy slacker, shaves his stubble and deals jeans and T-shirts for polos and khakis. The inescapable look of a vicious Mexican pharmaceutical lord Tomer Sisley and his ruthless minion Matthew Willig — slovenly stereotypes that add not anything in the way of wit or interest — emphasizes what was already obvious, namely that David and Rose, in spite of their vice-tinged occupations, were equitably ordinary middle-class Americans from the start.

August is traditionally a bit of a dumping ground for movies that Hollywood isn't sure how to market or doesn't expect much from. After the trio swipe his cash and his pot, David's supplier Brad Ed Helms offers to wipe his debt away if he brings back a shipment of marijuana from Mexico. David has no choice but to agree, and soon figures out the disguise he needs to make it across the border without arousing suspicion -- a family. He hires Kenny, Casey, and Rose Jennifer Aniston , a neighbor who works as a stripper, to play his brood. While the plan gets them into Mexico, their journey back grows unexpectedly complex when the smidge and a half promised by Brad turns out to be millions of dollars in weed. As they struggle together, the four bickering losers start to bond with one another, and soon it looks like this fake family may turn into a real one. Outside of the high-concept premise, the plot of We're the Millers is less important than the cast, their interactions, and the ceaselessly amusing predicaments they find themselves in throughout the film -- this is the most consistently funny Hollywood comedy of the summer season.


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    Watch We're the Millers () Full Movie Online, A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S.

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