Cheryl dating kimberleys brother

New fella already? Cheryl's pals have their say on her 'perfect man'

cheryl dating kimberleys brother
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Is Cheryl Cole Dating BFF Kimberley's Brother? 9 Shares. Save. image description Her. She's had a tough time of it in the romance stakes but the rumour mill is.
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Keeping It In The Family! Is Cheryl Cole Dating BFF Kimberley's Brother?

After Cheryl announced her split from Liam earlier this month, fans have wondered who the mother-of-one will be making a move on next., Aoife Kelly Twitter Email.

Cheryl's friends reportedly think she will date Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh's brother Adam

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The singer was first spotted with Adam Walsh over a decade ago, before her marriage to Ashley Cole, but friends say they are growing close again. With her return to The X Factor confirmed, Cheryl Cole has an exciting time ahead — and we hear she might have more good news in the pipeline. Sources say singer Cheryl, 30 , who will return to the ITV singing contest alongside Simon Cowell this summer, has recently met up with Adam in London. Cheryl first mentioned her fondness for Adam more than 10 years ago before her marriage to Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, who she later divorced. Reports linked her to Adam again after she split from Ashley, with sources claiming they had enjoyed a few dates before she started going out with American dancer Derek Hough and later Tre Holloway. Cheryl and backing dancer Tre parted company late last year and she has been single ever since — although that may be about to change. The music mogul is said to be trying to encourage Cheryl to back his current favourite Mel B as they attempt to finalise a deal after weeks of negotiations with a string of prospective judges.


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