Karley sciortino robot

REAL LIFE: 'I had SEX with a ROBOT and it was amazing!'

karley sciortino robot
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Karley Tries BDSM With Pro Dominatrix

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Karley Sciortino: the sex blogger and Slutever presenter redefining sexuality

Sign in. - In Breathless , her column for Vogue.

Then she runs her fingers down his chiselled abs, stopping just short of the large bulge in his pants.
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Meet Slutever’s Karley Sciortino, a modern day Carrie Bradshaw with an unapologetic sex life

Single gal Karley Sciortino said: "With a doll you can learn how to make sex work for you — trying out speeds and angles". A woman has revealed in detail what it is like to sleep with a male sex doll.

Testing a Male Sex Doll

When single Karley Sciortino heard about a state-of-the-art male sex robot, she was curious to know how it compared to the real thing. Gabriel is a very lifelike, fully adjustable 5ft 9 silicone doll with a muscular body, authentic blue eyes, real human hair and even comes with two 7-inch penises - one erect and one flacid - which are modelled on a porn star's. Speaking as experts claim dolls like Gabriel will be commonplace within 10 years, Karley says: "Initially I was sceptical about sleeping with Gabriel as I didn't think it would be at all like the real thing. But it was an amazing sexual experience. Would you consider having sex with a robot?



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    REAL LIFE: 'I had SEX with a ROBOT and it was amazing!' | Closer

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