Betty blue scene

Le Matin aka Betty Blue Full HD Quality Movie Clip

betty blue scene
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Betty Blue 1 & 2 (1995)

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Betty Blue

The voice of the show's animatronic pig Betty was provided by Australian actress Kylie Minogue. The German translation is provided by Roman Hinze. Featuring 20 songs on the physical CD [14] with an additional two bonus tracks available as digital downloads only [15] from the London production of Betty Blue Eyes, the cast album was released by First Night Records [16] on 3 October

THE title character in Jean-Jacques Beineix's ''Betty Blue'' is a lissome, free-spirited young beauty, and she is the very soul of inspiration to her boyfriend, Zorg when we first see them, Betty and Zorg are making love under a poster of the ''Mona Lisa''. Betty likes to egg Zorg on with his artistic efforts, and to rail against the forces that keep him in submission. Whenever possible, and that's very often, she likes to do these things in the raw. Whenever possible, Zorg likes to second Betty's actions by grabbing her and demonstrating his appreciation. Nine scenes out of 10 seem to end this way. How, then, can ''Betty Blue,'' which opens today at Cinema 2, be so inconsequential, not to mention boring?


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