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19 Glorious Butt Selfies You Have to See to Believe

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Women's sports have come a long way in the past century. - Please fuck my ass mister Steve!!

Do us a solid and check it out here. Repeat twice if you dare.
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The Women's Best athlete and creator of the Tone and Sculpt app shares her crazy-intense moves, featuring lots of butt action. Heidy Espaillat.
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And yet, men are attracted to behinds for procreative reasons. - But lately, it feels like all the accolades have been strictly cast to women only.

The belfie is a delightful portmanteau of butt and selfie. As the nomenclature bourgeoned, so did the practice. Every time we opened our feed, there was another perfect posterior, beckoning you to oogle before giving it a double-tap. The more that famous faces turned the camera away from pouty lips to plump bottoms, so did regular sexy women, those without reality shows and record deals, all to equal applause. Bring on butts of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The butt selfie welcomes all with a voyeuristic spirit, a camera phone and a mirror.

So, which one of these celebrities do you think has the best butt? And remember that the biggest butt isn't automatically number one. Great butts come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the beautiful women attached to those butts. There are even female CEO's and female astronauts with great butts along with their giant brains and general awesome-ness.


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