Kiki and coco in paris slideshow

kiki and coco - the original slideshow

kiki and coco in paris slideshow
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Today I stumbled upon THIS adorable slideshow by photographer All images are of her daughter, Kiki, and her her doll, Coco, while on a trip.
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DIY handmade babydoll

Kiki & Coco in Paris. link to slideshow. Our good friends, Kelly and Christophe, gave us this sweet book on the occasion of Claire's birth, and we now travel to.
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An Author, a Photographer & a Child’s Exciting Adventures

So sweet. I love the journey that this littler girl took with her doll. My daughter has a doll that is threadbare and worn but she takes her everywhere she goes. Anna, I have just recently stumbled upon you blog from a blog and a blog and so on. I really like your work and your posts.

Saturday, December 24, happy holidays. Monday, December 5, Copperfields book signing event. Thursday, December 1, Noro Dolls. A group of dolls done exclusively for Claire Lefort of Noro in her absolutely incredible fabrics!


  1. Georgina G. says:

    Kiki and Coco in Paris - Take a Photoshoot and Make a Book Like this!.

  2. Yvette P. says:

    Download Video: MP4, WebM, Ogg Photos and slideshow by Stephanie Rausser

  3. Joanna A. says:

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  4. Aminta C. says:

    Kiki & Coco in Paris [Nina Gruener, Stephanie Rausser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kiki loves Coco, her cloth doll. Coco loves Kiki.

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