Sousuke and makoto

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sousuke and makoto
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Blazblue - Carl & Makoto [REMAKE - Huge Dicc version - Japanese version]

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Rin just couldn't deal with the noises Sousuke: Open wide Makoto: Sousuke you're mmmm getting it all over my mouth Sousuke: Uh do you like.
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Sousuke x Momotarou x Makoto

SouMako is the slash ship between Sousuke Yamazaki and Makoto Tachibana from the Free! Makoto’s plans turn out to be calling Sousuke. Sousuke tells him that he had seen Ikuya IM before, but he doesn’t know anything else.
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Makoto: Mmmm…. Just a few more minutes. The woman simply nodded and scurried away leaving the poor boy to stare down at his menu, blinking back the hot tears stinging the back of his eyes. Taking a quiet breath Makoto squeezes his eyes shut and slowly rose to his feet.

The two interact very little in the series. Their first real one on one interaction is in the OVA when they discuss Nagisa's ability to coerce people into doing what he wants and when they battle each other briefly during the water gun fight. Sousuke asks if Nagisa told Makoto about Ikuya, Makoto says yes. He asks Makoto if something was going on with Ikuya, but Makoto only knows that Haru had talked to him, and he seems to have changed a lot since their swim team days in middle school. Sousuke realizes that Ikuya was an old teammate. Makoto and Rin meet up at the aquarium after Rin gets back from Australia.


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