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We questioned 13 real men and women to get their candid opinion on whether girl and guy best friends can exist.
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An Interview With The Guy Who's Had Sex With So Many Women, He's Now Bored Of Having Sex

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I caught my girlfriend having sex in the bar toilets with a guy she’d just met

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Can Men Really Be "Just Friends" with Women?

Should I even try to get over this or is she just a cheap slut? I am 25 and my girlfriend is We have been together for two years. I took her to Amsterdam recently for her birthday. We went to a bar the second evening and we were having a great time. My girlfriend said we should take it in turns to go to the toilet and if we went outside for a smoke, just in case we had our drinks spiked, which seemed to make sense.

Earlier today, a story made the rounds about a guy called Benny James. According to the Mirror and The Sun , Benny has slept with women. According to the Metro , he's bedded


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