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Star vs The Forces of Evil

star and marco sex
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Markapoo (Marco X Hekapoo)

Markapoo is the ship name for Marco and Hekapoo. Plus as the series has one episode left before it ends, and Starco is already in effect, a quick last minute relationship would be a dumb and stupid idea.
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It feels wholesome and right. And I know you cant take any of my replies seriously because of my God damn icon I need to fucking change it omfg but still,. I remember one time Marco tried to cheer Star up by trying to make her laugh, but ended with him getting hurt- I saw that as a wholesome sibling moment, it felt so cute and nice.
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What movie? But your mother and I wanted to try out this nice little independent movie theater. They have big comfy seats, and they even let you drink beer in there!

Sign in. Star needs to find a way to face off against Meteora alone, and in the process she must make a decision that will change Mewni forever. To take her mind off her strained relationship with Marco, Star ditches the Diaz's summer break party and joins her friends in a much more dangerous event. Sextuplets star Marlon Wayans takes cues from Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor to transform into an entire fictional family. Watch now. Title: Star vs.


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    WARNING DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 OR DO NOT LIKE SEXUAL CONTENT you have been warned Star and Marco are having a great movie.

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