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After three seasons and 21 episodes of foul-mouthed, painfully funny and obnoxious comedy, on Thursday we will bid a final fond farewell to Kenny Powers. Powers is a fearsome comedy construct: a man whose natural pitching talent had taken him to baseball's big leagues, a sport where being overweight with a never-fashionable mullet hairdo is no handicap.

If someone offered you a million dollars to get naked on camera, would you do it? What if someone was already paying you a million dollars to be on camera anyway, but still asked you to show some skin?
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All I know about Pensacola is that the beaches are lousy with sharks. - We asked Hill to walk us through six moments he found to be the most-cringe-inducing, telling us which made for the most awkward shooting days, and which one broke his heart.

Of course, as careful and thorough analysis revealed — and it was VERY thorough — Mixon used a body double for the nudity in that scene. In an interview with Vanity Fair , she discussed filming the scene and seeing her boobs on another woman all in her adorable Southern accent :. Not with my daddy watching everything I do. My body double? Not really. We finished doing the scene where Danny and I were making out in the car, and my shirt was supposed to be coming off. The boobs.

Its second season, consisting of seven episodes, began on September 26, On October 27, HBO announced they were renewing the show for a third season.


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