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pudding and mink
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Pudding & Mink is an exclusive members and invite only community for the free thinkers, the pioneers and the powerful. Pudding & Mink 'Cocktail Rooms' offer a .
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This new lounge bar in Banjara Hills is mixing good health with high spirits

The information shown on this page was last updated on Saturday, 18 May - Party-goers in Hyderabad today are spoilt for choice, with the sudden explosion of nightclubs, bars, lounges and themed pubs in rapid succession.

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Speakeasy bars are illicit bars that gained prominence in the United States in response to the prohibition of alcohol in the s. The term itself is older still; Oxford dictionary cites an article on an illegal bar in NY as the first published usage of this word. As per folklore, the term was coined by Mrs. Kate Hester, the operator of an illicit saloon. After the end of prohibition, speakeasy bars faded away as the need to drink in secret disappeared. Towards the beginning of this decade, however, something strange began to happen. In a trend that baffled experts, a new set of bars began to crop up that purposefully made it difficult for customers to locate and access them.


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    Pudding & Mink is the world's first Ayurvedic Cocktail Room that prides itself on bringing together the ultimate in luxury and intimacy.

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