Natsu and lucy hotel fanfiction

natsu and lucy hotel fanfiction
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Natsu and Lucy all alone in a hotel room, what could possibly happen? Lucy shook Natsu who had fallen of the bed and to the floor with a.
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Nalu fluffiness First fanfiction (Updated) natsu and lucy share a room for the and we were tired so we went to the only hotel with a vacancies.
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After a long day of fighting infested monsters, they had finished the job, but it was too late to catch a train.
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Disclaimer: Everything but the hotel is owned by Hiro Mashima. - Note: Flame's Desire will be updated after the Love Fest is over.

Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel had just returned from a mission, both very exhausted. Before heading home, the pair decided to rest awhile at the hotel they were checked into. Lucy threw herself across her soft bed and breathed a sigh of relief. Natsu went over to his bed and did the same.

As I promise! This is her whole idea; I just put some add-ons, Girl hope you don't mind and I remove some Lemon part, I'm sorry! Please don't get mad. Lucy smiled and enjoyed her drink again.


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