Mimi and nikko scandal

Mimi Sex Tape: Reality Show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Released Hardcore Sex Video

mimi and nikko scandal
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Nikko London - Tongue Play - Kissing//Making Out//Eating Mimi Fausts Pussy

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Mimi & Nikko’s S*xtape Pre-Sales Break Records

Faust insists that she did not approach Vivid with her sex tape, nor did she intend for the tape to reach the public. - Mimi Faust, one of the cast members, is releasing something that no housewife that I know has ever marketed: a sex tape.

#RealOrRumor: Mimi Faust Pregnant After Sex Tape Scandal?!

The hardcore sex video is a move that no housewife ever dared to do. - All articles and comments on her part range from shocked to defensive at the accidental "leak" of the video, which currently has exclusive clips for PerezHilton.

Mimi Faust: Sex, Scandal, and Reality TV

She said: "I don't care how much money you get for this. You got a child and it's because I got Imani. This hurts my heart. There's a little girl that's gotta deal with this. A little girl!



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