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#Showbiz: BTS Army enraged over member V's pic in Seungri sex scandal article

sex and v
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What quickly followed was naturally outrage and lots of expressions of anger online towards the publisher. According to Koreaboo, La Republica had published a story detailing the Korean celebrities who had been rumoured or confirmed to be linked to former BigBang member Seungri's titilating sex scandal. Unfortunately, the newspaper based in Lima, Peru had mistakenly included a photo of V, whose real name is Kim Tae Hyung, in the lineup of stars for the article that was published last Thursday. La Republica is apparently one of two of Peru's major national dailies with a country wide circulation. Many fans of BTS or Army, who had seen the article, had also requested for the popular K-Pop group's agency, Big Hit Entertainment, to take action in order to prevent any unsavoury rumours that could potentially drag BTS into the sex scandal from starting. I sincerely hope BigHitEnt sues their asses and drag them into filth, cause what they did is just disgusting!


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