Fire and ice sex

Fire & Ice: A How-To Guide To Temperature Sex Play

fire and ice sex
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Icing on the cake

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Oral pleasure given using an extreme cold (such as ice) and an extreme hot (such as heated massage oil), in oreder to intensify the sexual pleasure. When I fire and Ice someone i like to use um Get a fire and ice mug for your grandma Julia.
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Does The Ice Cube Blow Job Trick Work? I Gave Icy Oral Sex A Try And Was Surprised By The Results

Fire and ice is a term for a fellatio technique in which hot and cold sensations are used to further arouse the person receiving oral sex.
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Temperature play sex tips: A beginner's guide

Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. Temperature play might sound kind of intense, but working hot and cold into your sex life is actually pretty easy. All you need to get started is a bowl of ice or a glass of hot water. But why play with temperature at all? Besides the obviously sexy thought of rolling an ice cube around your lips and then down your partner's body, what does adding heat or cold to your sex life actually do? It's all about the psychology of it.

Temperature play is a form of BDSM sensual play where objects and substances are used to stimulate the body's neuroreceptors for heat and cold for sensual effect. Substances can include water, oil, molten wax , ice, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, melted butter, chilled fresh fruit and steamed vegetables.


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