Max and nora

Our long distance sex toys are the best way to stay intimate!

max and nora
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In a world where long distance relationships are common, long distance toys for intimacy are keeping up. The Nora vibrator and the Max male masturbator.
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First Hand Lovense Review (Max & Nora, Hush & Lush)

The scariest thought I had when being apart from my boyfriend was the the possibility of growing apart because of lack of physical connection. The longer you are separated by the distance, the deeper that feeling gets into every cell of your body. And the truth is, you actually grow apart- you have separate lives in different cities or even countries, create separate sets of friends and have different social experiences, etc.

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There are a lot of things that go into making a long-distance relationship work. Not what you were expecting? I know it sounds a little robotic, and you might be wondering what technology has to do with long-distance love. Well, teledildonics is the combination of technology and sexuality. So, toys that are going to get you off. What makes them special and particularly important to LDR couples is that many of them aim to overcome the problems physical distance creates in intimacy. Max and Nora are his and her sex toys that can be used alone and with a partner.

It is true that sharing a sexual life despite the distance can be quite a challenge. You can do it by texting, by calling or even by Skyping, but nothing compares to real touch. Physical touch. This is where Lovense and its long-distance sex toys can help you and your couple. Especially Max and Nora.


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