Maka and soul have sex

[Fic] A Different Kind Of Symmetry - Soul Eater, Kid/Liz/Patti, Soul/Maka - 2/2

maka and soul have sex

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Shower Sex. By: flvwers. Soul walks in on Maka taking a shower. All of my friends and everyone from Soul Eater had a truth or dare thing at.
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Took a break from resbang to write this. - Hello fellow weapons and meisters!

Soul stood in front of the stove, flipping pancakes, and minding the eggs that were sizzling next to them. It was the first time in a while that he had woken up before Maka and wanted to do something special for her. While he waited for his mind to remember, he slid a pancake on a plate and buttered it up the way him and Maka liked it. He continued doing this for about ten more minutes when he felt dainty arms wrap around his middle, and the light touch of lips against his neck.

So, here you go, my first attempt at true smut. And smut, graphic smut with no redeeming plot, it is. I also know squatall about knitting so I may have fucked up that description fairly horribly, apologies in advance. And so, with no further adieu, in honor of all of you, my awesome, crazy, wonderful minions, I have done this difficult, difficult thing.


  1. Ellis H. says:

    Maka was about to argue again, but a clap of thunder rocked the sky, and Soul swore as the car took a turn rough, and a loud popping sound had then skidding.

  2. Royce G. says:

    "Soul yes!" Maka purred, soul smirked. "I know you want me Maka but you didn't have to beg me." He laughed. Soul shot out of bed, he was away to visit his.

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