Fast and flirty speed dating

How to flirt while speed dating: Part 2

fast and flirty speed dating
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Germans look for love on the 'Flirt Express' speed dating train

Event has 60 registrants already so you're sure to meet some great women! - SPEED dating may sound a little daunting, but it can actually be loads of fun.

Have you checked your image up close and personal before you stepped out? Girls, how does your make-up look in natural light — no bleeding lipstick or panda eyes? Guys, have you checked for dandruff on your collar, left-over dinner in your teeth or nasty shaving gashes? What about your breath?

Whether you have plans to step out on a Speed Dating session, or take in a singles event, there are loads of ways to up your game. Think of this as great practice run for that moment when you meet your OMG! Have you thought the moment through? What are your ice-breakers? What do you have up your sleeve? Start with the social stuff: drinking places, holiday spots, and things to do on the weekend. Keep it to the point and hopefully your flirt-mate will take the lead.


  1. Zara C. says:

    Here are the Flirt Diva's Top 5 Tips to take you from frazzled to dazzled and make an unforgettable first, fast Flirt Diva's five.

  2. Ecroreachu1983 says:

    Waiting for them on the platform - red hearts daubed on the windows and red, heart-shaped balloons strewn throughout - Berlin 's famous "panorama train," transformed for the night into the "Flirt-Express," the venue for Germany's unusual speed-dating party on the rails.

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    How to flirt…while speed dating | Metro News

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