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Moles form on your skin when clusters of melanocytes, or pigmented skin cells, grow in small, concentrated areas. They usually appear as colored bumps or spots that vary in shape and size and are darker than the rest of your skin. They usually ranging from tan to brown to black. Most moles, often called common moles, are benign. But what about a mole that has one or more hairs growing out of it? In fact, the presence of a hair growing out of a mole may indicate that the spot is actually healthy and noncancerous. Because the normal skin cells that make up a mole are healthy, hair growth may continue as normal.

In the book, Built to Last , author James C. Logan, J. King, H. Fischer-Wright , the journey from a Stage 1 leader to a Stage 5 leader is described. The real key is the movement from Stage 3 to Stage 4 leadership. This leap takes an epiphany and a vision that real success happens when the goal is so big that no one person can accomplish it alone.


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