Wrestling bloopers and mistakes

WWE: Wrestling's 8 Funniest Interview & Promo Bloopers Ever on Live TV

wrestling bloopers and mistakes

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Ever since the concept of live television began in the industry, replacing the old system of taping shows and then showing it on TV several days later, the performers have had their work cut out for them. - Actors have it easy compared to professional wrestlers.

Top 10 wrestling bloopers on live TV

Top 15 Biggest Mistakes Wrestlers Made On Live TV mistakes on live television, mainly focusing on the funny and/or cringey bloopers, but.
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WWE proudly boasts several hours of live weekly television, and far be it from us to deny them the impressiveness of that feat. Whether the product is good or bad, airing it live creates dozens of potentially show stopping problems that WWE has masterfully avoided for several decades. These moments all happen in WWE, but the nature of live television also luckily means that they can immediately move on and focus about the next segment, hoping that fans forget the mistake.

Other mistake : When the setup for the first match is announced, the Ram is said to fight Tommy Rotten "for the strap", which is pro wrestling slang for a belt, meaning it was a title match. But after the match, which he won legitimately, The Ram is not announced as a new champion, nor is he ever referred to as such, and no belt is given to him after the match.


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    There are few things in professional wrestling that get fans more excited than a perfectly executed promo.

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