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A simpler way to choose the sex of offspring by separating X and Y sperm

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A new sperm separation technique may one day allow prospective parents undergoing IVF to choose whether they have a boy or a girl before fertilisation takes place, researchers say. Scientists in Japan have reported a new method which allows them to separate mouse sperm carrying an X chromosome from those carrying a Y chromosome, meaning that sperm can be selected based on whether they will result in female XX or male XY offspring when used to fertilise an egg.
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There may be very easy way to predict the sex of sperm




Sperm separation method may allow sex selection in IVF




  1. Piedad A. says:

    The study was performed in mice, but the technique is likely to be widely applicable to other mammals as well.

  2. Sean O. says:

    Sex selection is a false choice – our destiny is not defined by our genitalia | Ally Fogg

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    Sperm separation method may allow sex selection in IVF | Science | The Guardian

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    Path: The ”Sex, Genitals and Gender” – STOCKHOLM FRINGE FESTIVAL (STOFF X) SEPT

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    Scientists have separated the sperm which carry X and Y chromosomes, in a study which could one day have "colossal" implications for choosing the sex of animals including humans.

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