Silk and satin fun

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silk and satin fun
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What is Satin? A Fashion Lover’s Guide to Satin Fabric

So, what is Satin?, Hand wash cold.

Satin Fabric

Check out our silk satin fun selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
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Did you know that Satin was prevalent during the Middle Ages and was actually a weave derived from silk? Satin was a very expensive fabric and therefore it was bought by the wealthy. Over the course of time, the popularity of this lustrous fabric spread across Europe, particularly in the 12th century. Such was the demand of Satin that it became the chosen fabric of the royal robes in England and is still considered a rich fabric. You can see its elegance in exquisite bed sheets and upholstery as well as sophisticated wedding gowns, for which it is considered to be a staple.

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