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Tango & Cash () It was inspired casting placing Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell, two of filmdom's most macho he-men, together for a manwich of an action movie called Tango & Cash (). Stallone is Tango, a bit of an uptown dandy, to Russell's Cash, a street-smart tough.
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10 remarkable things about Tango & Cash

How Did This Get Made?, In this occasional series of 'remarkable things' articles, we've mostly focused exclusively on movies that were critical or financial flops.

Advanced search. - The two play cops who have to prove their innocence and in so doing kick ass.

The movie just worked. I forgot how much one liners and witty comebacks between the two leads there were. One after another and even poking fun at themselves.

Andrei Konchalovsky 99min. Review Our Score. Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell get the opportunity to show off who has the best personal trainer it's probably a draw in this hugely silly, hugely enjoyable action thriller. The main twist in this buddy caper is that Stallone, as narcotics cop Ray Tango, is actually quite sophisticated he even wears glasses at times , while Russell, as Tango's departmental rival, Gabe Cash, is the no-brain, all-brawn thug.


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