Fanfiction harry potter and draco malfoy

50 Must-Read Harry Potter Fan Fictions

fanfiction harry potter and draco malfoy

Harry Potter Hogwarts SFM Collection

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Harry and Draco's Love Shack.

And he wasn't even at Hogwarts yet! He ran. He ran down the carpeted hall of the Hogwarts express and kept running until he couldn't hear the group of girl's screeching. He ran all the way down to the very last compartment, opened the door, and stumbled in. What awaited him was not expected. Draco Malfoy sat in the seat, his back against the window, his long legs stretched out along the seat, a book in his hands. His expression was one of surprise and confusion.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Harry and Draco slash.


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