Women and men having sex

Women as likely to be turned on by sexual images as men – study

women and men having sex
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Forced penetration: If a woman forces a man to have sex, is that rape?

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WOMEN know all about the gender pay gap. We also know from bitter, dishwasher-stacking experience that women still do more of the unpaid housework. But are you aware that things are as unequal in the bedroom? The clitoris is the female pleasure centre, with thousands of nerve endings twice as many as the penis, FYI. And while only the tip sits outside the body, the whole organ is shaped like a wishbone and can actually be up to five inches long, extending up inside the pelvis and around the vagina. For example, the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening may affect how likely someone is to orgasm through penetrative sex — and for some women this may just not be possible.

Jeffrey Epstein , you are very fortunate. When I was 14, I was not a woman. When my daughter was in ninth grade, she was not a woman. When my granddaughters got braces, they were not women. However, if the woman is actually a girl under 18 , by US, United Nations, or European Union definitions, she is being trafficked. And the man having sex with her is a criminal.


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    The belief that men are more likely to get turned on by sexual images than women may be something of a fantasy, according to a study suggesting brains respond to such images the same way regardless of biological sex.

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