Whats the difference between trojan and magnum

REVEALED: How big you REALLY have to be to fit into a large condom

whats the difference between trojan and magnum

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Trojan Condoms: Brand History & Products

Still need help?, What type of condom should I use?

Trojan Magnum Condoms

Trojan Condoms, what do all of the names, types and styles really mean?

With a length of 8. Trojan Magnums use a water-based lube and are made of premium latex. We cannot offer free Shipping with our Trojan Magnum Case of 1, The Trojan brand has become world renowned partly due to the Trojan magnum condoms. The Trojan Magnum is more than a condom. The Trojan Magnum is a status symbol, and signature gold wrapper makes you feel like royalty unwrapping something great. But like our large condoms and the rest of our magnum condom selection, the Trojan Magnum provides additional room for those "gifted" gentlemen out there.

What sizes are traditional condoms? Are condom sizes 'one size fits all'?


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    Trojan Condom Types | Learn About Trojan & Different Types of Condoms at Condom Depot

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