Link and ilia kiss

link and ilia kiss

Link & Ilia 1-Legend of Zelda (SFM Compilation)

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Not always at least. Due to how reincarnation works in The Legend of Zelda , Link and Zelda naturally ends up with quite a few different dynamics, each game-changing up their relationship considerably for the sake of novelty.
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This part will take you through the escort mission to Kakariko Village and finding the Lakebed Temple. Could the prince be the fallen Zora boy we saw being watched over by Ilia and the older woman in Telma's Bar? Only one way to find out is to get back to Hyrule Castle Town , but first we have to get out of the lake, and since we're in Hylian form, we can't just warp out of there.

I think we can all agree that Ilia is Link's love interest from the start of the game to at least the City in the Sky. Also, the manual states that Link is expected to be the next mayor of Ordona - the title that Ilia's father holds. Besides Midna joking with Link at the very end of the game, I can't think of anything that could possibly be construed as another love interest - and it is made clear that Link is merely stunned, not lovestruck, and that Midna is joking.

No, throught the game it is show that while though illia and link care for each other, they have no romatic relationship only a platonic friendship. Probably not but I think she likes him, because when Link got the slingshot she wasn't interested until she knew that he had it. As a friend but everyone knows he loves Zelda. He may or may not love Ilia but it seems like he is in love with Midna.


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