Emanuelle and francoise

Severin Films presents EMANUELLE AND FRANCOISE Special Limited Edition Late April!

emanuelle and francoise
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Emanuelle and Francoise [Blu-ray]

The music was composed by Gianni Marchetti. He owes a lot of people money and decides to exploit his beautiful girlfriend to pay off his debt.
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Severin Films presents EMANUELLE AND FRANCOISE coming late April 2019

Emanuelle's Revenge is an Italian film directed by Joe D'Amato. Unlike the French Her sister Emanuelle avenges Francoise's death by drugging Carlo and.
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Great movie, the picture seemed to jitter throughout the movie though, but it was still not too My first porno. Not bad for a first one.

Unlike the French Emmanuelle series , this entry has been described as being closer to a sex-themed giallo , [3] or as a combination of several genres: the rape and revenge film , the splatter film , the erotic film and the thriller. A young woman named Francoise, who is abused and degraded by her gambler-husband Carlo, eventually kills herself by jumping in front of a train. Her sister Emanuelle avenges Francoise's death by drugging Carlo and chaining him in a hidden soundproof room with a two-way mirror, and torturing him by having sex with various men and women in front of the mirror, making him watch the torrid goings on without being able to participate. She also injects him with LSD and causes him to hallucinate scenes of cannibalistic orgies.

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