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They play Bo, Daisy and Luke Duke, respectively. We spoke with the year-old star about how she earned the iconic role, why she almost turned it down and becoming a sex symbol.
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Learning to deal with the fame the role of Rey has brought her is an ongoing process and nearly overcame her at one stage. It was crippling.
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Ford, who first graced the screen as Han Solo in the original Star Wars film, is back for his fourth rendition of the story. This film has been successful for a reason," says the Academy Award-nominated actor tells E! That was it," confesses Boyega. I was just behind the camera, like 'Daisy, good job! Be in touch.

In an interview with the New York Times , Daisy and John discussed the difficulties of being apart for the first time during their appearances in the franchise, revealing how their character's relationship is tested in The Last Jedi , the longest Star Wars film to date. Daisy and John spoke out about how they reacted to their characters Rey and Finn being separated in the latest installment, admitting that they weren't exactly happy about being apart.


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