Fists and feet and stuff

You're The Worst

fists and feet and stuff
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The best part of “Fists And Feet And Stuff” isn't that Jimmy and Gretchen reconcile or Lindsay and Paul's marriage finally crumbles or that Edgar.
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You're The Worst S01 - Ep10 Fts and Feet and Stuff HD Watch

Sign in. Watch now. Title: Fists and Feet and Stuff 18 Sep
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Gretchen is cleaning up her life and actually jogging. Edgar is sleeping in his car but has a menial job at a local gym. Becca and Vernon invite them all to a party, intending to announce Becca's pregnancy. Jimmy, Gretchen, Edgar and Lindsay attempt to resolve their issues with each other. Edgar, trying to show that he is "moving on", introduces Jimmy to his "new English friend", who turns out to be an actor. Gretchen and Lindsay decide that "buying in" to marriage and relationships might be the "punk rock" choice for them. Gretchen finds Jimmy and says "yes" to his non-proposal.

No one suddenly becomes an adult at 18 or 21 or 25 or whatever age society deems appropriate. No one can will themselves into adulthood just by waking up earlier or drinking only on the weekends or even getting married. Maturation is a slow process and it happens by unconsciously floundering in adolescence until you slowly but surely stop fucking around and realize what you want and why you want it. Not yet, anyway. Not even close. Jimmy and Gretchen have spent their lives running away from adulthood, preferring to stay ensconced in their myopia and narcissism.


  1. Alita B. says:

    I expect, moving forward should the show return next year , that Jimmy and Gretchen are to suffer a rocky road on the way to sorting out their own egos and interpretations of vulnerability.

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