Fosters home for imaginary

4 Questions I Have For 'Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends'

fosters home for imaginary
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Foster`s Home for Imaginary Friends - Frankie and the Blue Dildo

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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Robert Downey Jr., He pitched them this simple premise: where do imaginary friends go when their young creators outgrow them?

It first premiered on Cartoon Network on August 13, as a minute television movie , which led to a series of half-hour episodes. The series aired on Cartoon Network and its affiliates worldwide, except in Canada where it has aired on English and Francophone Teletoon networks due to Canadian television ownership regulations. In the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends universe, imaginary friends or "friends" for short become physical beings the instant a child imagines them; unlike how the concept often works on other shows, an imaginary friend takes physical and emotional form after a child creates specific details about that character.
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It was produced by Cartoon Network Studios and is the first show made by the network to be animated primarily with Adobe Flash and was done in Ireland by Boulder Media. Set in a world in which imaginary friends coexist with humans, it centers on a boy named Mac who is pressured by his mother to abandon his imaginary friend Bloo. After the duo discover an orphanage dedicated to housing abandoned imaginary friends, Bloo moves into the home and is kept from adoption as long as Mac visits him daily.
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Hello, boys and girls and welcome back to another episode of Conspiracies with Alyssa. I'm your host and today we're talking about Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, an incredible, underrated cartoon from the early s. It's set in a fictional universe where children are apparently born with the innate ability to imagine beings into creation - literal imaginary friends. The show itself is set around a house that takes in abandoned imaginary friends, run by a woman named Madame Foster, her granddaughter Frankie, and Madame Foster's own imaginary friend, Mr. Herriman, a 6-foot tall rabbit in a waistcoat and monocle who takes no nonsense.



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