Male chastity and cuckolding

Cuckold Chastity

male chastity and cuckolding
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Cuckold Locked in Chastity

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Being held in chastity can be a fun way to explore your submissive side, especially if you like to be punished. The simple fact of the matter is that when you can't.
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Being held in chastity can be a fun way to explore your submissive side, especially if you like to be punished. It gets even more intense when hardware is involved.

We wanted to write a post about cuckolding because a lot of assumptions are that couples who engage in male chastity are almost always into cuckoldry. This is actually not the case. While it seems that traditional cuckolding is more popular these days in the world of kink is not a necessity of couples who practice male chastity. So what exactly is cuckolding? I got this text from The Daily Beast and I feel like it describes it pretty well. Chaucer and Shakespeare characterized it as the ultimate shame. The Internet is rife with husbands enthusiastically soliciting other men—often larger, hotter, sexier men than themselves—to have sex with their wives while they watch.

Posted by Luvr Nov 14, Guides , Lifestyle For wives who began the cuckolding journey to overcome the frustration of having a husband with a wee little penis or perhaps a much larger one lacking in the requisite stamina to make the sexual experience satisfying, requiring her husband to experience the frustration of having their most basic pleasure and instinct denied can be an effective method of communicating the frustration she has long experienced prior to cuckolding him. Some devices are more for play than enforcing real chastity and will allow a cuckold plenty of opportunity to rub himself or even escape his device — especially if not properly fitted. Wives will be thrilled on one hand having the control and experiencing the gift of submission their husband offers by giving up control of his penis, but feel guilty about being so thrilled and aroused by doing this to him. Fear not. Your husband wants to give you this gift — or more precisely, he wants you to take this gift.


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    The journey from simple male chastity to cuckolding chastity is an interesting one. It isn't necessarily a natural progression – the man who seeks to be placed in.

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