Are murph and emily dating in real life

Emily Axford and Brian K. Murphy are the Married Masterminds Behind ‘Hot Date’

are murph and emily dating in real life
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Love life you a couple seeing how relaxed emily has finally had this group of the role? - Brian K.

They are for real in love, legally bound to one another, and creating the most magical thing two people in love can make together - entertainment.
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Emily & Murph Wrote A Book About Relationships, Love, and Other Junk

Not a bad story to tell the grandkids one day. This allows them both to play a bunch of different characters, who have a wide range of their own issues, throughout the season and beyond. So how did Hot Date come together in the beginning to eventually become what is now going to be the very first TV show of your own?
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    Check out three exclusive images from the new show, based on the CollegeHumor series of the same name.

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    Hot Date stars and real-life married couple Brian Murphy and Emily Axford talk about meeting the parents, drunk babysitting and more.

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