Dublin fetish club

An oasis of consent: My experience at Dublin's fetish club night

dublin fetish club
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Dublin’s Monthly Fetish Party


This is Nimhneach, a monthly fetish and bondage night that claims to be one of the friendliest sex clubs in Europe. Among the crowds pouring into another nightclub upstairs, few seem to notice those with bags over their shoulders slipping away from the queue and disappearing into the subculture below. The first rule of Nimhneach is no effort, no entry. Nobody gets past the PVC-clad bouncer without appropriate fetishwear. Privacy is paramount, so cameras are forbidden, and the objective is to keep things sane, safe and consensual. A year-old IT worker with a shaved head, Fig is dressed in a leather skirt with boots, and admits it can be daunting for first-timers unsure of what to wear.


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